February 1 -2, 2020: Healthy Knees – Aligning the Spine from the Ground Up

By Published On: December 26th, 2019

Join Susan Elena at Samamkaya Yoga Back Care & Scoliosis Collective – NYC

We heavily rely on our hips and knees to support us through life. As a result, the muscles of the hips and the knees tend to be an area where many people experience tightness, hold tension or have pain or injury at some time in their life. This workshop will give you an understanding of the relationship between the knees and the pelvis. We will also explore the role the feet play and how the alignment of the feet and the pelvis affect the knees. The proper alignment of these joints allows for greater stability and more freedom in the spine. For all students with spinal imbalances, stiffness or injuries to knees or hips as well as those who wish to maintain the health of their joints.

Session 1: Feet and Ankles: In Iyengar yoga we always begin with the foundation. Participants will first learn how to properly align the feet and how this alignment impacts the knees and hips. We will take a closer look at the muscles, ligaments and bones of the legs while exploring flexion and extension of the knees.

Session 2: Knees and Hips: Pain or stiffness in the knees or groin stiffness and sciatica may originate in the hips. Participants will learn how to correct pelvic misalignment and how movement and slow release combine to create freedom and more stability in the knee and hip joints.

Session 3: Standing Your Ground: In this session, we will target the muscles of the hips and knees to aid in supporting the joints, leading to a greater range of motion. Students will learn how to adapt asanas for knee and hip issues. Variations will be introduced that lessen discomfort and ensure that the feet, knees and hips always work in alignment.

For details and to sign up visit: www.samamkayabackcare.com

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