Temporary Closure in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

By Published On: March 15th, 2020
“You must know the nature of action, the nature of wrong action, and also the nature of inaction. The path of action is profound….He who perceives inaction in action, and action in inaction, is wise among men; he is steadfast in yoga while performing all actions.”
—Bhagavad Gita (4:17 – 4:18)
Mitigation Steps:
In response to the increasing call for social distancing and other precautionary measures related to preventing the spread of COVID-19, IYCWM will be temporarily closed. In this way, our community can help to slow the spread of the Coronavirus as well as protect our most vulnerable citizens. We recognize that this is a stressful time for all of us, and we thank you for your understanding as we take steps to ensure the safety of our entire community. As the Bhagavad Gita quotes above suggest – activity and rest are two vital aspects of life. To find a balance in them is a skill in itself. Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how to balance the two. Finding activity in rest and rest in activity is freedom.
As of today, Sunday, March 15, all public classes are cancelled. Expiration dates of current class cards and series will all be extended. All workshops and specialty class series currently scheduled will be postponed during the closure. Students enrolled in these workshops and class series will not lose their purchases these events will be rescheduled. Over the next two weeks, we will monitor the status of COVID-19 and hope to set a re-open date soon.
In the meantime, I will be exploring online teaching possibilities to support your practice and keep our community connected. Please consider taking this short survey to help me find out how to best address your needs. I hope to begin on Wednesday, March 18. I am available for your questions and concerns via email. In addition, you can stay connected through our social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
I am offering a 20% discount on all props to help you maintain your practice: cotton bolsters, blankets, mats, cork blocks, Pune-style yoga belts, head/eye wraps for restorative practice, books and foam wedges. Please email us, if you would like to make an appointment to purchase any of these items. I thank you for all the times you have shopped locally to support IYCWM and other small local businesses in the Valley.
Your health and well-being is our first priority. Thank you so much for your support, past, present, and future.Through our collective good will and generosity of spirit, we can use this time to deepen our home practice and make a difficult time slightly less painful.
As BKS Iyengar once said, “Yogic meditation is performed alone, not in groups. It is not a lonely activity but aloneness like the illuminating moon that can lead to the Ultimate and Transcendant Aloneness. Do not confuse aloneness with loneliness. Loneliness is separation from the cosmos. Aloneness is to become the common denominator of the Cosmic All.”
With gratitude and blessings to each of you,
Susan Elena
Here are some links for you to monitor in order to make the best decisions for your own personal well-being. I suggest the following, recommended by Harvard Medical School:
Additional sources of local information are available here:

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