Restorative Yoga and the Science of Sleep with Roger Cole

By Published On: June 15th, 2020

Join sleep researcher and Iyengar Yoga Teacher Roger Cole, Ph.D. to learn to relax and sleep better. He will explain the physiology and psychology of restorative yoga and sleep, then show you, step-by-step, how to apply this science and technique to release the body, breath, and mind more fully, fall asleep more quickly, slumber more soundly, and renew your energy more efficiently. You will experience a long, refreshing practice of restful yoga postures and come away with new, valuable knowledge and life skills.

Ancient yogis developed ingenious ways to produce profound relaxation. BKS Iyengar advanced this art by introducing sophisticated ways to align and support the body to take you even deeper. The resulting restorative yoga practice triggers multiple relaxation reflexes to create an extraordinary state of physical rest and mental peace.

The rest and peace induced by yoga practices overlap with, but are not identical to the restorative benefits of sleep. Restorative yoga and sleep complement and reinforce one another beautifully.

The workshop includes a digital handout that provides photos of the postures and summarizes essential scientific and practice points.

We welcome students of all levels. Roger will provide alternative practices to those who want or need them.

Live, interactive online event
Saturday June 27, 1:00-5:00 PM Eastern Time (US)

Fee: $85; $70 Early Bird until June 22 use promo code “ROGER”
Includes handout and access to recording will be provided for one week after the event


The workshop is most effective if you have some yoga props available. Household items can substitute for standard props. Recommended props are:
-A practice space near a blank wall is preferred,
-6 firm yoga blankets, or four blankets and 1-2 bolsters (alternatives: a bedspread, several large towels, bed blankets, and/or couch cushions)
-1 yoga chair (or any sturdy chair, or a couch)
-1 eye cover such as a hand towel, cloth bandage, or sleep mask
-1 yoga mat (or an exercise mat or carpeted floor)
-Also useful: sweat pants, sweatshirt, warm socks, soft quilt, bed pillow, temperature-controlled room
-If you are under treatment for sleep apnea or snoring, it would be helpful to have your treatment device available

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