Finding Sthira in the Four Corners of the Body with Susan Elena Esquivel

By Published On: February 4th, 2021

Susan Elena is thrilled to return to Samamkaya Back Care & Scoliosis Collective in NYC. Join her via zoom. Details below.

March 6-7, 2021
Saturday 2-4:30pm EST
Sunday 1:30-4pm EST
Full Weekend: $80 early-bird*/$90 in advance

One Session Only: $45 early-bird*/$50 in advance/$60 day-of
*Early-bird if registered by February 22

Sthira means to stand firm, stable, compact, to be strong and even courageous. Sthira arises when the joints and bones are harmoniously aligned with gravity and when the muscles are engaged evenly, freeing the back of strain. This steadiness allows us to lengthen our spines and create a spacious awareness bringing ease to the body, mind and breath. This workshop focuses on how to stabilize the 4 corners of the body – the shoulders and hip joints in order bring balance to our misalignments by strengthening our weak points and opening up the tight ones. We will begin by strengthening our base – the legs and hips which provide stability or “Sthira” for the spine thus freeing up the shoulders and neck. Establishing a 3D awareness of ourselves through observation of our alignment from the back, front and sides, we will learn how to balance our asymmetries and boost our sense of vitality.

Saturday: Hips: Beginning with precise alignment and movement to open and strengthen the hips and legs. We will then develop tools for keen observation of our imbalances and how to bring compactness and firmness to the lower body, easing up tension in the spine.

Sunday: Shoulders: From the stability of the legs and hips, we will explore how the connection between our shoulders and the hips is a key to finding a postural alignment which brings freedom and balance to the spine. Movement with emphasis on precise alignment will be used to increase the mobility, strength and ease in the thoracic spine, neck and shoulders.

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