In Person Summer Retreat 2022 with Susan Elena in Northampton, MA

By Published On: April 25th, 2022


Enjoy the beauty of Western Massachusetts as we gather to explore Iyengar yoga and bask in soulful drumming by the Mill River.

Cultivating Citta Prasadanam

Citta prasadanam is a Sanskrit term meaning, a mind with a sweet
disposition.” Citta may be translated as that which is conscious,. Citta refers to the heart-mind, or the more emotive mind, as opposed to the intellect. Prasadanam may be translated as happiness, filled with grace or joyfulness.

A citta prasadanam mind is considered favorable, wholesome and pleasant. Its consciousness is full of non-dual love and compassion for all beings, and it is measured by equanimity. As such, citta prasadanam is considered something yogis should aspire to.

In “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,” cultivating citta prasadanam is considered a task of great importance. The Sutras teach that citta prasadanam is developed through meeting happy people with friendliness, those who are suffering with compassion, those who are virtuous with delight, and those who are doing harm with disengagement. In this way, the Sutras give guidance about how the relationships we have with the world and others, can affect our state of mind, and overall well-being.

In this 3 session in-person retreat we will explore how through our practice we can move towards “citta prasardanum.”

  • Looking through the lens of klesa, understanding deeper thoughts and using the cittaprasadanam as remedial processes.
  • Using inversions to give us a new perspective and pranayama to help clarify thoughts we will work towards the happiness equation:

Blissful mind = (Slow down the thoughts + amplify joy + show compassion) – (hatred – jealousy)

If everyone follows this simple principle of citta prasadanam, both individuals and society at large will have a peaceful and harmonious existence.


Friday 7-9pm In Person – Intro to weekend theme/hip opening asana class and prep for Saturday morning

Saturday 9:30-11:30am Active asana class
Saturday 3:30-5:00pm Inversions and pranayama


Our drumming guide – Greg Haggard.

Saturday 6 – 8:00pm Potluck celebration and drumming with Greg Haggard by the Mill River
Sunday 9:30 – 11:30am Active asana class
Sunday 11:30 – 12:00pm Closing circle
Space is limited; proof of vaccination and Negative Rapid Test required.

Fees: Full Weekend – $225: early bird by June 15 –  $175 Use Promo Code: RETREAT


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