Restorative Labrinyth – Restore and Renew on Wednesday, December 27

By Published On: October 23rd, 2023

Many Iyengar Yoga Centers run their classes on what’s known as the ‘Pune cycle’ – a four-week program that has a different focus each week. The first week’s class is usually focused on standing poses, the second on twists and/or forward bends, the third on backbends and the fourth week is restorative.

In honor of the Pune Cycle, we will offer The Restorative Labyrinth from 6 – 7:15pm every fourth Wednesday of the month.

In a restorative yoga class, only a handful of poses may be performed with each one held for longer periods than usual – ranging anywhere between 3 minutes and 10 minutes. Ample props are used – blankets, bolsters, straps, blocks, chairs, wall ropes and lots more – in order to allow us to remain comfortably in the pose without pain or strain. The idea is to set yourself up in the pose, using whatever props you need, and then to remain there quietly.

What are the benefits of restorative yoga?

If practiced regularly a restorative yoga practice can provide significant and profound effects on the body and mind. These benefits can include:

· Decreased stress and cortisol levels

· Deeply relaxes the mind and body

· Recovery of muscles and the body

· Helps fight depression and chronic fatigue

· Improves sleep and mood

· Boosts the immune system

· Allows time for self-reflection and awareness

Initially Restorative yoga was developed for people suffering from injuries, stress, anxiety or illness, as well as people with limited flexibility and strength – but is beneficial for anyone who is looking to release tension and relax. Restorative yoga helps us connect with the parasympathetic nervous system, slowing and halting the stress response. Supported restorative postures maximize comfort and allow practitioners to let go entirely.

Restorative yoga is revitalizing and nourishing benefits cannot be denied, but not everyone loves a restorative class. It requires the ability to be physically still as well as mentally and emotionally steady and quiet. In our busy and overstimulated world, we are often encouraged to keep moving and doing – which makes our ability to stop more and more difficult.

In the end, however, only regular practice and patience will allow you to find a sense of peace and stillness in a restorative class.

***Not for beginners. Intermediate level, must be currently and regularly attending any of the other asana classes and be familiar with props and the ropes. Pre-requisite – Foundational ropes course or Level I for one year.

Email Susan Elena with questions about the class or your eligibility to attend.

Fee: $22 to drop in, class cards welcome

Class is in-studio only.

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