Asana for Pranayama Online Mini Intensive: July 8 – July 10

By Published On: May 20th, 2024

Monday, July 8 – Wednesday, July 10th

7:00-8:00am each morning

Pranayama is the conscious regulation of the breath (Prana means breath, ayam means to control, to regulate). Prana is cosmic energy, the power in the Universe that creates, preserves and changes. It is the basic element of life and consciousness. The conscious guidance of Prana in the body gives rise to an increase in vitality, physical detoxification and improved immunity, as well as the attainment of inner peace, relaxation and mental clarity.

In contrast to exercise, asanas are practiced to enable mental focus and a conscious understanding of movement. The objective of asanas is not the conversion of bottled-up energy or tension into movement, rather it is to harmonize the body and mind by consciously observing the physical and mental process as each movement or relaxation is practiced. The body does not become tired or exhausted through each asanas. On the contrary, with energy recharged, one feels rested and refreshed.

In this Asana for Pranayama 3 Day Mini Intensive, we will learn the important principles for practice of specific asanas in preparation for pranayama. In the initial stages of practice, some asanas are performed once or twice without holding, so that the movement of the body and the breath are synchronized. Then, it is clearly established with which movement to inhale or exhale. Movements that expand the chest and abdominal cavity, connect with the inhalation. Movements that narrow the chest and abdominal cavity, connect with the exhalation.
This type of asana and pranayama practice calms the nervous system, stimulates the glands, increases the capacity of the breath and frees one from physical and mental stress. The mind becomes relaxed, calm and clear.

General level – two years of yoga practice required. Online only.

Fee: $65
Early Bird: $55

Class recordings available for 2 weeks.

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