Yoga Vrksa Iyengar Immersion Summer Session – begins Saturday July 13th!

By Published On: May 8th, 2024

Summer 2024: Samyama – The Art of Integration

In this session, we will explore in depth Samyama through our practice of inversions. Samyama is comprised of the last three limbs of yoga – Dhāraṇā (concentration), dhyāna (contemplation), samādhi (dissolution). These limbs are continuous, integrated, inseparable, threefold philosophy of internal yoga. Thus ‘saṃyama’ (assimilation of concentration, contemplation and dissolution) allows you to take a deeper journey from the exterior to the innermost core. This blooms into all-pervading, expansive awareness.

Join this Iyengar Yoga Immersion program throughout 2024 to deepen your personal practice and explore the vastness of Iyengar yoga

Yoga teaches us how to infuse our movement with intelligence, transforming it into action. Through his years of devoted practice, BKS Iyengar, discovered that the purpose or goal of asana is to align and harmonize the physical body and all the layers (or sheaths) of the subtle emotional, mental, and spiritual body; this is integration. But how does one align these layers and experience integration? It begins with awareness. Guruji understood how asana and pranayama can be the means to reach the Self. Through the art of integration, the path of yoga can lead us to ultimate freedom. Join us as we pierce through the layers and deepen our practice of asana in preparation for pranayama and levels of meditation.

This program began at the start of the pandemic as a way for all of us to stay connected and practice together. Now in it’s fourth year, it has developed into an enrichment program serving intermediate/ advanced students and CIYTs. Those interested in pursuing Iyengar teaching certification are also served in this program. The program runs in 10 week sessions and has a special 4 week Summer session focusing on inversions. It meets online during the weekdays with a hybrid option for the Saturday extended classes. The richness of the community that has formed is a great support to all that wish to deepen their practice or pursue teaching.

Session Dates

July 13 – August 10

Saturdays: July 13, August 10


Full Time: $400 / $360 Early Bird

Part Time: $250 / $225 Early Bird

Here’s what people are saying about the Yoga Vrksa Program –

“The sutra studies and the readings, especially from other commentaries have been very helpful. The chanting helps me in quieting my mind & sets the stage for the class.I find myself more focused & pay more attention to the details of the instructions. It’s still a work in progress, but I can see a difference.

Negest Retta of CT, Yoga Vrksa student since 2020

“This program has been invaluable. I have learned more during my time here than I have in 20 years of practice. I have been able to take my deeper understanding of my body and the poses to my regular classes with greater confidence to get so much more out of my practice.”

Sadye Vogel of MA, Yoga Vrksa student 2021-2023

“Yoga Vrksa has been a wonderful way to deepen my practice. Susan Elena’s skillful ways of breaking down and exploring the poses is fun and informative. And the philosophy assignments and discussions are a great way to integrate the depth of yoga into my daily life.”

Cristina Roy CIYT of NY, Yoga Vrksa student since 2023

“Yoga Vrksa program integrates yoga philosophy with yoga practice. Susan Elena is an experienced Iyengar yoga teacher. She instructs the nuances of Iyengar yoga specific to our needs on that day with clarity and also helps us to safely embody the asana and thereby create harmony. Her enthusiasm and love for yoga rubs off on the students and one comes out of the class feeling joyous and refreshed. There is always something new I discover in every class about my body, mind, energy….”

Manasa Bhat of TX, Yoga Vrksa Student since 2023

Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga Vrksa

  • What makes the Yoga Vrksa classes different from other weekly classes?

Each week in Yoga Vrksa, we explore 2 poses which are related in some way, sometimes anatomically, sometimes sequentially in Light on Yoga. We look at pictures of the poses and discuss what the main actions of the pose are, which muscles are being used, and the ways in which a pose might evolve with one’s practice.

We also explore one Yoga Sutra (or sometimes a group of Sutras) each week and listen to translations and commentaries from various authors (read aloud by the teacher). We discuss how it might relate to a physical asana practice or how it could be applied to life off the mat.

At the end of class, students can ask clarifying questions about the pose or the sutra or simply share an experience from their practice.

  • How much yoga experience do I need to have to join the Yoga Vrksa program?

You should have a firm foundation of Iyengar yoga experience, preferably 2 years. You should know the pose names in Sanskrit, or be willing to make some flashcards to learn them. A willingness to learn about yogic philosophy and participate in discussions about the Yoga Sutras is strongly preferred. Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss your level of experience and readiness for the program.

  • Is the program fully online or are there in-studio classes as well?

We run classes Monday through Thursday online-only through Zoom. We have monthly Saturday classes which we call our “Extended Practice” and these are offered hybrid, meaning that the teacher will be in-studio with a Zoom setup there, and students can join in person or online from home. If you live far away you can simply join us online for all of the classes.

  • What happens if I miss a class? Are any of the classes recorded?

All of the classes are recorded. We upload them to folders on Momence that match your chosen enrollment (Full Time or Part Time) and you can watch the videos whenever you’d like, as many times as you’d like. The folders will expire 5 months after the date of the first class, so you can even repeat some classes after the session has ended to keep your practice going.

  • What materials or props should I have to participate in the program?

You should have a dedicated practice space in your home with props nearby for use during classes. Click here for the list of recommended props and books, as well as suggestions for setting up a home practice space. You must have the books Light on Yoga and Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, both by BKS Iyengar, so that you can read about the selected poses and Yoga Sutras.

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