You’ll need to register for the class ahead of time (see FAQ “How do I sign up for a class?”), download Zoom, and set up a yoga space in your home.


  • Download Zoom onto whatever device you are planning to use to join class and create an account
  • Make sure that your Zoom name matches the name that you used to register for class. If we don’t recognize someone’s name, we may not let them into the class.
  • You will receive the Zoom link via a Class Reminder email 1-2 hours before the class starts. You can either follow the link in the email and enter the password or you can open Zoom on your device and sign in, then select “Join a Meeting” and manually enter the Meeting ID and Password (included in your class reminder email). Try to join the meeting a few minutes before the class time to make sure you have time to fix any errors that may come up with Zoom.
  • Once you’ve have joined the class, please keep yourself muted and your camera on.
    • You can unmute if the teacher asks you something or if you have a question but unmuting yourself at any other time can create background noise and audio feedback.
    • If you need to turn your video off due to an emergency or a private moment happening in your home, please send a chat to your teacher quickly explaining the situation and an estimate of when you will be able to turn your video back on.

Setting up a Practice Space

  • The ideal yoga space should have plenty of open floor space around your mat, an empty wall that you can use to put your hands or feet on, and your props nearby.
  • Make sure that you can be seen clearly in your camera
    • Once you have Zoom, you can test your camera view under the “Video Settings”.
    • Make sure you have plenty of light and can be seen laying down, sitting down, and standing up. It is best if you can move from one position to another without having to change the camera angle but if you do need to change the angle, practice changing them beforehand so that you can do it easily during class.
    • Make sure that you are not backlit. This means that if you have windows behind you, you will need to close the curtains so that the sun does not shine in behind you. It blurs the camera image and and leaves your body in the dark
  • Your yoga props kit should include:
    • A mat
    • A chair (a metal folding chair is best but stable kitchen chairs with 4 legs can also work)
    • 2 blocks
    • 3 yoga blankets
    • 2 yoga straps
    • A bolster
  • If you don’t have all of these props, some household items can work as substitutions. You can use bath towels instead of blankets, robe belts as straps, sturdy books as blocks. Please make sure to have these nearby if you need them.