The certification process for Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers (CIYTs) is rigorous and designed to ensure that instructors possess a deep understanding of Iyengar Yoga principles and practices. The process involves several stages:

  1. Personal Practice and Study: Prospective CIYTs must have a consistent and dedicated personal practice of Iyengar Yoga, typically for several years. They should study under the guidance of a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.
  2. Mentorship: Trainees must be mentored by senior CIYTs who guide them in refining their practice, teaching skills, and understanding of Iyengar Yoga.
  3. Assessment Preparation: Candidates prepare for the certification assessment, which involves both written and practical components. This preparation includes detailed study of B.K.S. Iyengar’s books, such as “Light on Yoga” and “Light on Pranayama.”
  4. Assessment: The certification assessment is conducted by a panel of senior CIYTs. The assessment typically includes:
    • Written Exam: Testing knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodology.
    • Practice Demonstration: Candidates must demonstrate their personal practice of asanas and pranayama.
    • Teaching Demonstration: Candidates must teach a class, demonstrating their ability to instruct students with clarity, precision, and adherence to Iyengar Yoga principles.
  5. Levels of Certification: There are multiple levels of certification, each with increasing levels of proficiency and knowledge required. Teachers start at an introductory level and can progress through intermediate and advanced levels with further study, practice, and assessment.
  6. Continuing Education: Once certified, CIYTs must engage in ongoing education to maintain their certification. This includes attending workshops, seminars, and classes with senior Iyengar Yoga teachers to stay updated on teaching methods and deepen their practice.

The certification process is designed to ensure that CIYTs maintain high standards of practice and teaching, preserving the integrity and quality of Iyengar Yoga.

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