3 - Preparing for a Class

What is your cancellation policy?


For Weekly classes: We have a 48-hour cancellation policy. This means that in order to receive a class credit or refund you must cancel your registration at least 48 hours before the class start time. If you

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What should I wear?


Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around easily in. If you are attending class online - Please avoid wearing black - especially black pants as it creates a sort of optical illusion that makes

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How do I sign up for a class?


You can view our class schedule under the "Classes" tab in the website menu. The sign up widget separates events into Classes, Workshops, Courses, Semesters, and Retreats. Feel free to toggle between these options to

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Is there anything I need to tell the teacher before class?


Yes - please inform your teacher if you have any medical issues or concerns such as new or pre-exisiting injuries or illnesses. Even if it doesn’t seem relevant to yoga, inform your teacher anyway; yoga

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Can I bring my water bottle to class with me?


You can bring your water bottle with you but it cannot be kept in the practice space. You will either need to leave it near the shoe bins or downstairs in our Student Lounge. Please

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