Our Teachers and Staff

All yoga teachers at the Iyengar Center of Western Massachusetts are Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYTs) or in the process of becoming certified. Becoming a CIYT requires years of practice, study and a rigorous examination of skills. For teachers, the Certification Mark demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the purity, excellence and high standards of Iyengar Yoga. Look for the mark! Only the world’s most knowledgeable, rigorously-trained teachers earn Iyengar Yoga Certification. We are excited to share the depth of our knowledge and passion for yoga education with you! Email Susan Elena for more information about mentorship and beginning your path towards certification. For more info about certification and the Iyengar method visit the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the US.

Sarah LeBoeuf

Sarah is IYCWM’s Studio Administrator and has been with the studio since January of 2020. She enjoys immersing herself in the community of IYCWM as both a staff member and student of Iyengar yoga – happily assisting you in registering for a class and later laying her mat next to yours.



Madeleine Hexter

Madeleine Hexter

Madeleine Hexter

Madeleine is a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT), and a 2006 graduate of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco’s 500 hour teacher training program. After training with and assisting Elise Browning Miller in her Back-Care classes and Yoga for Scoliosis workshops for many years, Madeleine completed the requirements to become an Elise Browning Miller Yoga for Scoliosis Trainer in 2012. In preparation for Iyengar certification, Madeleine trained with Patricia Walden. Madeleine continues to take classes with Patricia Walden and other Iyengar teachers. In addition to Madeleine’s training, she brings more than 35 years of personal yoga practice to her teaching; and she has been teaching yoga since 2002. Madeleine teaches yoga because she wants to share her love of yoga and the benefits she finds through yoga with others. Madeleine adapts her instruction to each student’s age and fitness level. Madeleine lives in West Hartford, CT; her website is www.mhyoga.net

Lois Joy

Lois has been studying yoga for 30 years and in the classical Iyengar tradition since 2010. Her main teacher is Peentz Dubble and she also studies regularly with Patricia Walden and Mary Reilly. She has been teaching since 2013 and is Level II certified in the Iyengar method. The practice and study of yoga has profoundly enriched her life bringing purpose, joy, and vitality- gifts she seeks to share with students both new and seasoned. Her teaching is devotional, educational, and classical with sequences developed to invite curiosity, integration, and understanding. Lois weaves her love of yoga philosophy into each class engaging students to explore this ancient wisdom in the body and in life.