Follow this page to see how our transition to the iconic Parsons Block building unfolds.

February 13, 2023

Hooray!! We signed the lease to 76 Maple Street and renovations began. The removal of the old buildout (which was in place for well over 75 years we guessed) started. There are so many wires hanging out of the beautiful tin ceiling and layers of wallpaper and carpet were unearthed. A new HVAC system was installed. Still, it is hard to get a sense of the space with all the clutter. I am so grateful to Jonathan Little of Jennings Real Estate whose patience and creative thinking helped me visualize the wonderful Center to come. As a Florence resident and business owner, I cannot thank Jordon Healy and Marc Murphy of Blue Mountain Properties LLC enough for taking on this project to revitalize our beloved Florence Center. It will be an interesting journey polishing off this diamond in the rough.




February 23, 2023

Lots of progress over the last 10 days. All of the old buildout has been removed and now the rebuilding can begin. Lots of curious yogis have been stopping by for a peek. Today, we papered the windows and the “Coming Soon!” signs went up. Now the real transformation will start to take hold. We can finally see the gorgeous tin ceilings, as well as the lovely French doors and windows on the back wall that have been covered up for decades. We opened up the front window bays and can see all the way down into the basement – yikes! We finalized the flooring selection – beautiful maple floors will be installed mid-March. Slowly, we can feel the open spacious room that will be filled with Om’s and yogis of ages and abilities.