Welcome to IYCWM LiveStream Yoga for Healthcare and Essential Workers Program.

Our student’s strong participation in online classes now enables us to give back and offer support to the true heroes of this pandemic. For the next month, all hospital staff will have free access to our LiveStream classes. All employees of Cooley Dickinson, Trinity Health Centers and Bay State are invited to join our online LiveStream Yoga for Healthcare Program. Employees includes medical and support staff.  We are also including essential workers from River Valley Coop and other area businesses are welcome to join the LiveStream Yoga for Healthcare and Essential Worker Program allowing you to attend 1- 2 of our yoga and mindfulness classes per week for FREE. Please feel free to contact us to see if your place of work is included.


To set up an account click here:


We recommend the browser Chrome for both Wellness Living and Zoom classes. Follow the steps to create an account on Wellness Living. You will need to upload your work ID by clicking on the ADD IMAGE box and uploading a scan of it.

Once your account is set up email Sarah at studioadmin@iycwm.com. She will convert your account into a Healthcare account so you can attend the classes for free. You can attend up to two of the weekly online mindfulness or yoga classes (Series, Special Guest classes and workshops are excluded).


To Find Classes

Click here to view the schedule and find the classes that work in you schedule. To register for class, go to your profile page and click the button – BOOK A CLASS. Then select the week and hit the BOOK NOW button  next to the class you would like to attend. You will receive a confirmation and a Zoom Link will be sent to you 30 minutes before the class starts.

Here is a recent newsletter with class descriptions:



What you will need:

Do not worry if you don’t have a lot of props at home! Classes will be adjusted for minimal props. It is recommended to set up the environment in your home with an open space and, if possible, a mat before the class start time. Wall space would be good. If you do not have a free wall, you can use a locked door. If you have a chair, yoga belt, or block; please have these available. For the higher level classes, blankets for shoulder balance. Bath towels, robe belts and books can often substitute for props.


Questions? Feel free to email us for assistance at studioadmin@iycwm.com